Employee #2 Celebrates 25 Years Service!


Floyd Hutto, Jr., more affectionately referred to simply as “Junior” or “Pop,” recently celebrated a milestone of 25 years of dedicated service to the company.  Junior began his career with Hubbard & Drake (H & D) as a working foreman in the original crew helping Kenny Hubbard found the company in 1984.  Since that time Mr. Hutto has been an integral part of the success at H & D, sharing his dedication, loyalty, commitment to quality and strong work ethic with those around him.

Mr. Hutto has more than 35 years of experience in the construction and fabrication industry and the company and its customers continue to benefit from not only his work, but also the leadership of those current foremen who came up through the ranks under “Pop’s” watchful eye.

“Having good people around you and a good company behind you,” are the keys to such a long and solid relationship, according to Mr. Hutto.  “You couldn’t find a better company,” says Mr. Hutto when talking about Hubbard & Drake from its beginning to where it is now.  And the proof of this is borne out in the fact that there have been three generations of the Hutto family associated with the H & D team over the years.  Mr. Hutto’s son Allen is currently a foreman with the company and, like “Pop,” a valuable member of the team.

When asked about the biggest change Mr. Hutto has seen in his years with Hubbard & Drake, the first thing that came to mind was the evolution of safety awareness.  This is directly in line with the goal of Hubbard & Drake and its commitment.

“The company has always emphasized safety and now it seems that everyone spends a great deal of time, from the company to all of its customers, focusing on making sure the workers and the community as a whole are in as safe an environment as possible,” commented Mr. Hutto.  “Sometimes it may mean a job takes a little longer, but it is worth it when everyone goes home without injury.”

It seems that Mr. Hutto is finally considering slowing down just a little after all of these years.  He indicates that he may even want to cut back enough to start tackling the “honey-do” list his wife Betty has been working on now for 42 years!  Mr. Hutto also says that he may take up hunting and fishing again when he does decide it is time to cut back some more, but that he can’t imagine not ever working.

Hubbard & Drake is fortunate to have a man like Floyd Hutto, Jr., as a part of its team and we hope to continue sharing in his experience and wisdom for many more years.