Hubbard & Drake now using Python


PythonXrevisedStructural steel fabrication has a new productivity champion in the PythonX CNC Plasma Cutting Fabrication System. Its revolutionary technology brings automated 3D fabrication to processing beams, channels, HSS, angle, plate and bar. The PythonX torch head will actually probe and measure the piece to be cut, so it places each feature exactly where it needs to be. This compensates for out-of-spec beam geometry to give you finished beams that are in spec and good for the job with AISC-approved bolt holes. Find out more about PythonX.

PythonX CNC Plasma Cutting Fabrication MachineAny cut, cope or mark made in fabricating structural steel can be done with PythonX CNC:

  • Bolt holes approved for structural joints
  • Bevel cuts for Weld Prep
  • Length Cut Offs and End Squareup/Cleanup
  • Compound Miter Cuts
  • Slots/Notches/Cutouts
  • Scribe & Layout Marks
  • Cope Cuts and Complex Multi-Feature Cuts