The Hubbard & Drake Family –
Familiar faces over the long haul.


Thank you to all the members of the Hubbard & Drake family for your years of service! Your dedication to the company is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for growing with us and helping us be a company that people can turn to and trust. Those who have been here for 5 years or more are recognized below.

  • 25+ years: Troy Hill, Allan Hutto
  • 25 years: William Stanfield
  • 23 years: Jerry Dobbs
  • 19 years: Roger Cason
  • 18 years: Arthur Sledge
  • 17 years: Jocelyn Hubbard
  • 16 years: Scottie Hubbard, Odell Turner
  • 15 years: James Wahoski, Jeffrey Marksberry
  • 14 years: Lavaughn Hood, Kerry Hubbard, Richard Shadden
  • 13 years: Christopher Howard
  • 11 years: Perry Powers, Scottie Terry, Ivan Armor
  • 9 years: Daniel Champion, John Frazier
  • 8 years: Harold Chandler
  • 7 years: Michael McLamb, Keri Keller, Bobby Huff
  • 6 years: John Wahoski, Timothy Bryant, David Patey, Kenneth Hubbard
  • 5 years: Anthony Elee, Michael Garth, Gary Millwood, James Morgan, Michael Morgan, Hulen Norris, Sammy Richard, Charles Richard, Charles Terry, Joseph Pirtle, Anthony Hennessee, John Riddle, Rodney Bullard, Michael Staudt, Rusty White, Shannon Sandlin