HD University

HD Cross Training

What is it?

A specific, personalized plan for employee to go from where they currently are in their career to full journeyman status


Cross Training Initiative – this training is to be done 2 Fridays per month for 4 months. Employee will not be paid for time.

Welding practice will be done on employee time as well. This time will be coordinated by employee.

This is an opportunity for you to advance your career and make yourself an even more valuable asset to H&D.

H&D’s training facility and equipment will be provided at no cost to you. H&D will also furnish pipe and testing materials.

Your plan must be initialed by Superintendent, Foreman and Cross Training Instructor each month saying you have met plan criteria and have been a good employee with regular attendance.

Class 7 Shop Training Matt and Devon 3Steps to full journeyman pay

  1. Pass carbon steel pipe test – Monetary bonus at time of passing test
  2. Pass stainless steel pipe test – Monetary bonus at time of passing test
  3. You will attend up to nine Friday X-training Sessions on your own time. You will be tested on each session. Upon completion of the month and that month’s sessions you will receive a raise in the amount shown on your plan.
  4. In addition, once you have completed all 9 sessions and passed CS and SS pipe tests you will receive a monetary bonus.
  5. Upon completion of classes and weld tests, you will continue to receive monthly raises if plan requirements are met.
  6. The raise after the last month will be whatever amount is needed to reach full journeyman pay.

Class-6-Shop-Training-2lrQualifications to be candidate for Cross Training

  • Motivated to grow
  • Displaying positive attitude and desire to learn
  • Willing to donate time to learn and grow

How do I get into this class?

  • By invitation

Class-6-Shop-Training-Matt-and-Jeremy-2lrPipe Fitting Lessons

  1. Pipe Takeouts From Isometrics – Homework: Pipe Takeouts From Isometrics and Generating Materials Lists
  2. Pipe Takeouts From Isometrics – Homework: Pipe Takeouts From Isometrics With Valves, Inst., Etc…and Generating Materials Lists
  3. Understanding Plan Drawings, P& ID’s and Isometrics
  4. Generate Isometric Drawings from Plan Drawings Homework: Generate Isometric Drawings from Plan Drawings
  5. Take Isometric and Cut/Prep Pipe – Tack & Weld
  6. Threaded Pipe Instruction and Hands On Practice
  7. Evaluation – Flange to Flange – Field Route Test


  • Pass CS Pipe Test
  • Pass SS Pipe Test