Operating Philosophy

Our company is founded on the principles of providing our customers with the following:

Quality Workmanship

From Hubbard & Drake’s beginning, delivering quality services has always been a core foundation. We understand that consistent, superior, quality workmanship is critical to obtaining and maintaining loyal customers. Each employee is reminded to do each job right the first time and never to do a job for which he cannot be proud.

Our quality assurance/quality control manager assures compliance with customer specifications and welding code requirements. All H&D welders are qualified to ASME Section IX and AWS D1.1 in processes GTAW, SMAW, GMAW and FCAW. Additionally, we have instituted a construction practice and skills improvement training program. Our goal is to continually enhance individual capabilities and knowledge, which in turn allows us to proactively work to provide the very best performance and value to our customers.

Experienced Supervision

Each field crew sent out is supervised by a working foreman equipped with a tool-filled truck or tool-trailer so that workers always have the proper tools for the job. Each working foreman is experienced in his line of work and fully capable of authoritative communication between Hubbard & Drake management and the customer’s representative. Proper paperwork is maintained daily to provide the customer with detailed up-to-the-minute manhours, material and equipment usage as needed.

Customer Satisfaction

Hubbard & Drake personnel are all committed to the concept that tomorrow’s business prospects are dependent upon satisfying today’s customers. We stress to all our people that the H&D team does not leave a job site until the customer is completely satisfied with both the quality of work and the cleanliness of the area upon our departure.

Because of his personal commitment to every customer, Scottie Hubbard frequently visits every job site to further assure our customers that Hubbard & Drake is committed to their satisfaction.