Plant Services

Administrative Services

Billing Administrator

We have developed robust, flexible billing systems that allow you to track work by individual work order, job number or whatever parameters are necessary within your accounting systems. The billings have all appropriate backup documentation, including time sheets, material invoices, and the like to satisfy even the most discerning accounting department. Transparency is important to us and it is critical for our customers. Our billing administrator can sit down with you to develop a tailored billing system that will work for you and will save you time and money.

Plant Services Director

Hubbard & Drake’s plant services director is a resource available to our plant services customers. From initial discussions of needs and budgets to developing maintenance plan and hiring the positions to the ongoing monitoring and improving of the overall site program, our plant services director will be available for you. The plant services director will be in constant contact with our supervisor onsite to ensure that Hubbard & Drake meets and exceeds your needs.