Plant Services

Safety Program

At Hubbard & Drake, safety is woven into the fabric of our culture. Company management has established the safety of our personnel, our most important asset, as our number one priority. We have a dedicated team whose responsibility is the continuing implementation, evaluation and evolution of our safety program.

Our policy is that safety is the responsibility of every employee at Hubbard & Drake. All employees  – from our president to our newest employee – are expected and trained to make loss control and accident prevention an essential part of their work ethic. We recognize that as onsite partners with our customers, we play an important role in each customer’s compliance program. This means making a “tangible” difference for our customers. Hubbard & Drake crews are more productive, create less downtime, help avoid costly fines, and strive for an accident-free environment in each of the facilities in which we work.

Hubbard & Drake has placed considerable effort and has expended considerable resources in developing a safety culture that sets the standard for the Industrial contractor services industry. Important elements of the process include investments in training as well as the development of systems and standardize practices and operations across the company. Because of our commitment, Hubbard & Drake is an excellent fit into our customers’ safety programs and Process Safety Management compliance initiatives.